10 Personality Traits Defining Aries: What Makes You Aries?

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1. Introduction

The very first trait of a being born under Aries sun sign is that they always think of themselves first. This does not completely mean that they are totally selfish people, but this makes them aware enough and makes them think whether a thing or a person is worth their time and effort. This kind of trait is not just a block when it comes to personal relationships, but it also reflects in the professional relationships too. People born under the sign Aries are dynamic, energetic, and they love challenges. Their immense satisfaction is achieved only when they conquer the challenges life throws at them. The very next personality trait that follows after this conquest is the name and fame. They love being noticed and popularity is their only cup of tea. But then, they never crave to be the life of any party. They are ‘in the moment’ kind of people and they must be the reason for celebration and enjoyment in the moment.

Aries, the very first sign of the zodiac, is a fire sign. Aries are kind of people who do a lot of things out of sheer passion. They live their life like a candle that burns through. This article generally talks about what makes a person born under the zodiac Aries. In order to understand the person born under the sign Aries, we highlighted 10 personality traits of Aries. Not just the personality traits, we also mentioned how these people live their life with these personality traits too.

2. Key Traits of Aries

Aries is the first astrological sign in the zodiac. Those who are born between March 21 and April 20 have their zodiac sign as Aries. Aries, according to the zodiac, is made for spring, which is the season of the emergence as green. The most striking feature of Aries is that they are always on the move and are capable of performing many tasks simultaneously. Spontaneous, enthusiastic, lively, brave, merry, speedy, and competitive are the most fundamental features of an Aries in general.

2.1. Independent

Aries women are more independent than Aries men. That’s a stereotype. Keep an open mind about it. If Aries women can make the same mistake that Aries men are making, they would rather change their career. But all women are capable of taking risks. For this reason, Aries women chefs are not sponsored by their parents; nor are the hotels ready to invest in them. When an Aries man is a chef, a chain of restaurants will accept him, as these restaurants are promoted by his parents. Your independent trait may sometimes cause you pain. You tend to overpower many situations by sheer mistake. You have an equal ratio of 1 adult to 1 child.

Your frustration, in most situations, comes from the fact that you have to take care of 2 children. 2 equals to the Lover, the partner; if he is adamant, Aries becomes the child. Unfortunately, after an argument, in about five seconds, he unhesitatingly thinks, ‘what can I do?’ After a few seconds, the Lover winds up with, ‘you are an adult, and do something. Give me a shoulder to cry on.’ “Fine, look on the poetic side of life. With the new era of Aries, early nineties onwards, Aries women are in exactly the same boat. Once again a note of caution – neither men nor women, in the new era, have any option; they have to do the tightrope walk.

All Aries people are highly independent and hence, they are self-starters. When living in adverse conditions, often they may start their mornings much ahead of the other signs. Whatever the situation may be, they have an equity issue. A doctor with an Aries background needs to equalize everybody before treating them. In your office, in your organization, they may not have an unfavorable equity. They focus on parameters of performance. They do not focus on the background. Most people think, ‘why do we have to talk about equity?’ From Aries’s point of view, it is a red rag to a bull. They cannot understand why their colleagues are feeling difficult. In their minds, they seem to be foolish people who talk about these things.

2.2. Competitive

Rams have an infinite eagerness to move forward and surpass. When they win a competition, they exude incredible excitement and joy. This is why you always get the feeling that when you’re with an Aries, you’re involved in some kind of contest. This aura of competition is tangible in everything they do. By working with this innate quality, an Aries can find new ways to compete in every situation as a way to drive personal and professional relationships that produce wins for everyone involved.

People born under this zodiac sign are quite competitive because they care so much about what they’re doing. An Aries is constantly competing with themselves, but that drive often leads them to clash with others because they can’t help but be better than everyone else at everything they do. They’re unmistakably competitive to the point that even in supposedly recreational settings, they tend to compete. They’re sore losers and terrible in team settings because they can’t establish themselves as leaders.

2.3. Energetic

The essence of Aries’ energy is primarily its existence. Aries looks clutchy like the red color of the sunset. This entire being with drizzle-like shades covers every inch, which is why brush and paint couldn’t possibly touch the canvas. That canvas is left with no patterns, no brush strokes, no connection with the artwork, no reaction to the subject, no reflection to the observer’s curiosity, no conversation between the brain and the eyes, no emotion neither to the subject nor to the human looking at it. Due to the immense energy these people have, it’s almost impossible to manage or control its intense existence.

This zodiac sign is known, or shall we say famous, for its never colonized, always on the move, can’t keep up the pace energy. This energy that is governing these people makes them jump out of their bed and land on their yoga mat, running shoes, or whatever comes to mind. Aries cannot last an entire day without being involved in intense workouts, sprinting to catch a bus, jogging to reach a destination, or anything that has to do with fast-paced, scheduled physical activities. On the other side, all of those activities are crucial due to an enormous load of energy.

2.4. Ambitious

2) Ambition can sometimes be an enormous and one of the worst personality traits of an Aries, especially when they are fighting for an imaginary race. The main goal is to turn the impossible into technically functional. The reason for this ambition is their competitiveness. A great, no better, work is being done when there is a profit, either there is a game and if it can record the best results even better. They like to win games that look like a challenge. When his or her goals are set, an Aries never gives up.

1) Being ambitious is a natural personality trait of the Aries sign. Even if they don’t get exactly what they’ve envisioned, it is very important to them to have a goal and to believe that it is attainable. They are the best cheerleaders when they find an exciting race or a mission that they can give all their best to. From Aries, Capricorn and Taurus are really good leaders, because they are not just rewarding ordinary people into the big things, they also really love to work. This can be a problem because they can’t work as a team, but it can also be a really good thing because they can finish the work meant for 4 or 5 people. This is what makes Aries so highly motivational for others – their ambition is a highlighter and it is very hard to turn a blind eye.

2.5. Impulsive

Being impulsive is not a condition (but rather only a concerning behavior) that is exclusive to Aries individuals; it happens, more or less, to all of us. The difference lies in the fact that while for tame and passive souls the possible consequences are not a matter of great concern, for a personality as proactive as an Arian, living without measure can lead to a very difficult (if fascinating) life. However, it’s exactly this impulsiveness (when kept in check) that makes Aries individuals more active than other personalities in any situation, enabling them to keep their initial enthusiasm and energy for the duration of any challenge. The iconic example of how to manage such energy is encapsulated by the image of a skilled boxer, waiting patiently for the right time to strike.

Ok, let’s take a moment to think about where impulsiveness stems from. The brain of an Aries individual is constantly in such a high-performance mode that it often doesn’t wait to consider its options before taking swift action. Such impulsiveness is a result of the tremendous amounts of energy that fill the Aries individual’s mind and body (that power that the Sun imparts upon them), and that energy, if not channeled appropriately, can lead Arians to face a lot of conflict in their life. The reason for that is a very straightforward idea. Aries souls are born warriors, and the concept of charge-first-ask-later is a much more natural behavior for them. However, they must always check their behavior and think things through.

3. Aries in Relationships

Fire for them is the element that drives their ultimate individuality. Earth, air, or water are qualities that they can never choose to be identified with. Both of the elements combine to become something with which a soul grapples to become someone they have not been before. They are an unforgettable immortal who breathes purpose into this life. He is the vital artery, the pulsating heartbeat, the moment of critical timing in every striving poet or in every consecutive philosopher’s deepest thoughts. What he needs in this life, Aries wants to make it happen.

Even when he meets someone undergoing a career change, the Aries has an answer when what they offer is the sum total of nothing or very little from what he needs. With innocence borne out of courage, the Aries moves on. As the dust settles down and enlightenment finally courageously reigns, then what is the course of action gives the Aries what he needs. Such a native seems to brighten the lives of others, at least in his eyes, as it is the competitor who may not have passed the exacting test of life. And yet life gives him no exclusive concession nor pauperizes anyone.

An Aries in lovemaking is indeed highly romantic, although they love to keep this facet of their nature a closely guarded secret. Although they are not superficial creatures, they do, however, enjoy luxury. They are not above splurging on themselves from time to time. However, they do hold on to their money very carefully. An Arien lover will expect to be told outright that you love them and, furthermore, that you will not ‘stray’. During courtship, the lover of an Aries should be intriguing enough to keep their interest alive and challenged.

An Aries absolutely loves a flirtatious partner, be it in their own relationship or someone else’s. Surprisingly, patience is a quality that an Arien does possess, especially when it comes to their love. When this towering inferno of raw passion is love-struck, enveloped in mystery and doubt, then believe it or not, patience and determination are what they will use solely and maturely to win your love. Appreciation is a key honesty policy with them, and it is common for many of them to become indifferent if they feel that you are not up to spending time with them or even for being a spoilsport. Their feelings, if cooled down by a rude verbal assault, can never be warmed up again easily, no matter how much effort it takes.

3.1. Passionate Lovers

Aries wants an aggressive kind of lover who is passionate, experimental, and exciting. They aren’t so good at expressing their inner feelings, and they expect you to understand and know what they need. For an Aries person to be happy in a relationship, they require you to fuel their egos and offer them opportunities to generate action in their direction. You should also contribute to regenerative activities, including running and cycling, which makes them stronger. In a relationship, Aries will expect you to fight for their rights and be part of their awesome ego.

If you want to meet a challenging lover, then you may want to meet an Aries. Aries understand the love culture, and that is why they are called the lovers. Their love is based on mutual benefit. If they feel less loved, they will throw in a higher gear and struggle to attain all the attention expected to make them feel adored. However, an Aries may switch off and refuse to put in any effort of being loved if they feel that their lover is getting a bit lazy. They can also end a relationship with someone who refuses to indulge in the exciting experiences they appreciate. So, if you are not a wild fire like them, do not expect to last long.

3.2. Assertive Communicators

Their assertiveness is really very good for Aries as they often seem confident when they welcome comments and input from others. There is no ego involved here. They are usually open and do not mind listening to suggestions from others, even if they are not in control of the situation. They usually want to hear all unattended attitudes and clear voices. Above all, Aries believe in who they are and their existence. They do not have time for shy, shy or reserved people, nor do they like to divide themselves around people.

Assertiveness is key to understanding Aries traits. Under the influence of people born under the sign of Aries, it means that people born under this sign have a bold personality, strong belief in their ability and strength. While they lack the ability to often stop and ask if the territory they are about to invade is white or black for them, their “me first” attitude ensures that they carry out all matters in their mind with intensity and strength in a very concise manner. Aries are also often perceived as aggressive and hostile, although they will not back down even when discussing with the appropriate opponent.

3.3. Fiercely Loyal

Aries stand by their friends and offer compassionate, unbiased advice. You encourage and inspire your friends to take the next step forward. You are admired for your zeal and passion, truly a trailblazer. But, be mindful; by cheering on your friends and family, you may forget to set time aside for your own needs. You are blunt and outspoken, but you need to gather your thoughts and brace yourself for some brutally honest responses. While your honesty is appreciated, you may find that some people are not ready for the “real you”. Do not take offense and try to temper your fiery temper. Remember that loving friends and family members offer advice so they may help repair the burnt bridges.

Fiercely loyal, Aries will always come through for their loved ones. Your protectiveness over your partner, family members, and close friends ensures a lifelong commitment. You have the innate ability to stick to your word through thick and thin. Your loved ones have nothing to worry about because they know their Aries family member or friend has their back, no “ifs” and “buts”.

4. Aries in the Workplace

Aries have a good eye on the big picture, which is very useful in the workplace. They are not boring, repetitive work; they leap and find their challenges. Again, they enjoy accomplishment and find joy in everything they can do and do not need recognition to shine, motivation or final callings. Of course, a lot of the feeling that they put into the effort and the big vision that they clearly see is both the work that is usually landed before the due date and the end product. All eyes are on them after a great accomplishment, although not greatly appreciated. They do not need it, they are as impulsive; most likely excitement about moving on to the next step in their domination game. After all, there is still much more for them to take care of – even in the real world!

Aries is a go-getter, rather than waiting for something to come; he grabs everything physically and mentally to produce a quality product. At work, Aries are not afraid to do so; they are not too sensitive to take on young executives or hot upstarts. They are confident and can too often be insensitive to others, not recognizing their emotional needs. However, because of their enthusiasm and drive, they get their best work. They are often found at the head of corporations, or any business owner, to realize their dream. Rarely will an Aries be found in a personally assigned job where their ability to succeed and enjoy life cannot be implemented. They need to make their best effort to shine and then will be an assistant that is unbeatable.

4.1. Natural Leaders

Not all Aries make good physical leaders per se, but they take the leader role in every aspect of their lives. They can be bossy and occasionally a dictator, but all they want to do is to help you in the best way they know how. This assertive personality combined with their commanding nature entices others to follow their lead. Aries are meant to be leaders. If you are stuck in a problem, be it at work or in your personal life, hang out with Aries and follow their advice. It seldom fails. Despite their stubbornness, most of their advice works out.

Some of the great leaders of history have been Aries. Or, if you would rather see a fictional Arian, there is no one with better leadership skills than William Wallace in the 1995 film “Braveheart,” or Catherine Beckett in “Castle.” Women are natural leaders thanks to their ambitious, energetic, and inspiring personality. Leaders by nature, they don’t like following orders and will stop at nothing to get to where they want to be in life. Aries are the kind of person who, if they see a hole in your sweater, won’t tell you how bad you look. Rather, they will go out of their way to fix it. Your Aries friend will always have your back and help you out when you are in distress.

4.2. Thrive in High-Pressure Environments

Aries is never caught off guard. They’re intuitive, so they have a tendency to go full-steam ahead no matter what. And when those plans blow up in front of them (a bit like getting hit with a pie), they’re forced to find balance. However, when an Aries learns how to implement that balance into their action plans, they’ll become a mastermind, trailblazing even further, beyond the competition, creating game plans before anyone can even talk strategy. In fact, they’re not just worn out—they’re down for the count, but not for long. Aries is an unbeatable champ.

Aries is a born leader with an alpha-driven personality to prove it. Too much routine can make them feel a bit like a salmon swimming downstream, and they thrive in high-pressure environments that require some go-getting. This bodes well for their paycheck, as an Aries personality tends to go the extra mile for their work lives. They like dreaming up big ideas and putting them into action, rather than batting around smaller ones. Aries is not reluctant to taking risks, ever; they’re a trailblazer. But that can sometimes be to a fault; they can be a bit impulsive at times. Because they act quickly, it’s not uncommon for these fire signs to be tossed into the penalty box and out of the game. This comes from their sheer, zealous nature.

4.3. Goal-Oriented and Driven

Despite the negative attributes that have come to define them, Aries are essentially happy and, well, camera-ready people. They fit right in almost anywhere, and when they walk into a room, they are unstoppable. They bring a lot of light and joy; they are honest and transparent about their goals and aspirations. They are the rock people need in dying times – even when it is short-lived – and their personalities are often colored with very attractive batting lashes. They just have a kind of presence; a manner of magnetism to get people attracted and energized. The glory and the high levels of appreciation in their lives are driven by the manner they live it: at best, they are essentially driven to their goals and are determined to realize them whatever. Simply put, the best of Aries are responsible for bringing a lot of growth, change, and thus usher in the paradigm.

The nature of Aries makes them very straightforward, and they are actually the babies of the zodiac. Men and women are usually yoked with this personality that, often times, could get them into trouble – all because they are pretty much impulsive. All Aries love something to look forward to. They love their goals and, most importantly, they are driven to make the most out of them. It doesn’t really matter what those goals are, but Aries will die trying their damnedest to ensure that they reach that proverbial pot of gold. Many times, their determination to succeed isn’t necessarily borne out of the hope of making a lot of money. Aries just simply wants to get to the end of the rainbow and find their treasure. As long as they reach that end, Aries will be happy.


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