Our mission is for all to benefit from the healing properties of crystals and gemstones.

We Made it simple

We know that a gemstone can do a lot of things to make you feel happier, healthier or even more successful, but choosing and wearing the right gemstone for your life-style can be overwhelming. Rather than taking all day to shop or even weeks to decide from 360RealAstrology’s Gems has made it easy for you: let our experienced staff help you choose the ideal stones for you, whether it be a bracelet, necklace or earrings

The Process to get free service

  • Just goto our Appointment page here.

  • Fill out the form with your correct name, DOB, Time and Location

  • Enter your email and phone# to get appointment and connected in Whatsapp

  • We will contact you and arrange the Zoom session and analysis your birth-chart.

With perfect birth-chart analysis, we will recommend you best gemstone and you can collect it from us. We sell only Astrological quality Gemstone which really works great. Plus you will get FREE Shipping Worldwide.

Once you decide which gemstone(s) you would like to buy, we process your order in the same way as any mail-order house. We can also arrange for you to see a gemstone for approval before you purchase it.

We will put smile on your face!

We want you to be happy with any and every purchase you make. That’s why we offer free astrological consultation so we can figure out your right gemstone based on your birth-chart.

We stand behind all of our products 100% Natural Astrological quality. We work with gemstone setters that can customize your gemstones into the right jewelry.

Astrology is a way of life. The planets, the stars and the cosmic means in its entirety actually play with energies. It’s up to us to make good use of it which comes along as a blessing we were given.

(Note: We do have the right to refuse an exchange or return if the merchandise is damaged or not in resalable condition.)

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Natural gemstones have been valued for their healing properties and as powerful talismans. People wear gemstones to enhance their natural beauty, to enrich their lives with happiness and love, to attract good luck and positive energies, to bring about peace of mind, strength and courage in times of stress or crisis. We provide high-quality, reliable and affordable gemstones through astrologers who have been practicing for more than 7 years. So, you can be sure that we will never lead you astray with fake products or any other gimmicks.



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