Are Crystals Safe for Baby’s Healing? Your Top Questions Answered.

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1. Introduction

This article is designed to provide an informative and honest look at crystal healing when utilized for babies. Due to the potential dangers involved, it is important to be fully informed about exactly what crystal healing entails. Only then can a parent decide whether or not this treatment is one they want for their child. This will be an in-depth look at crystal healing; in order to know whether or not it is safe or effective, it is important to understand the full scope of the treatment.

Parents use a variety of remedies to boost their baby’s immune system and alleviate symptoms caused by illness. At times, these remedies fly in the face of conventional wisdom. However, some of the most effective and safest treatments can be considered unconventional by many people. Baby crystal healing dangles on the edge of what is considered conventional. Due to its relative expense, lack of scientific support, and potential dangers, crystal healing is not considered a general treatment for the majority of health problems. While many have dismissed it, some parents are still curious about the potential benefits of this treatment.

2. Benefits of Crystals for Baby’s Healing

Let’s go through the ways crystals can be super beneficial to your baby, no matter their age! Children, regardless of their age, are highly sensitive to the energies around them. Crystals emit steady vibrations that help to create stable energy fields. Stability in their environment helps them to stay balanced. Wearing, carrying or being around certain crystals can help prevent emotional breakdowns in children.

When our little people experience less emotional instability, it gives them more time and energy to explore the wondrous world of childhood! Most of the time, merrier kiddos make for a merrier, more relaxed grown up. And ah, wouldn’t it be nice to have a more relaxed day? A nice refresher from a difficult day at the office. Raising children can be similar to trying to herd cats, so any relief is welcome. Using crystals around your child is an excellent way to help relieve stress and create a more positive internal and external environment. Remember, a child’s behavior in any situation reflects the expectations of the adults closest to them.

We can help set more positive expectations by creating better energy around them. When children see adults creating their own safer, healthier, or happier environment, they imitate and seek it based on the success they see. A much cheaper alternative to bribery, yes? By keeping a crystal for calmness in the living room, you may find that your little one will pick it up and carry it around. If it works for them, let it be!

2.1. Natural Healing Properties

When trying to decide what is the best way to increase child immunity or finding some kind of healing crystal, understanding the natural healing properties of the crystal can be a most difficult search. In ancient Indian medicine systems, crystals were prescribed as healing tonics that should be powdered and ingested. But as 1999 proved, the best thing for babies and small children is homeopathic remedies as they are safe and very effective.

This is why trying to find information on natural healing properties of crystals is even more difficult when considering it in terms of infant or baby care. In reality, healing crystals are similar to herbs in that they carry concentrated levels of certain minerals and elements that can affect overall health. They possess specific ion patterns and release them under the influence of the acid in the body. Crystal ions saturate the body and have an effect on it as long as the crystal is in place.

Crystal elixirs are one way to administer a crystal’s natural healing properties to a baby. But regardless of the method used, the natural healing properties of crystals affect the whole aura, energetic and physical bodies. According to their frequencies they can: – stimulate the body’s energy to release physical imbalances – soothe and balance organs and glands to spread their healing effect across the body – promote regeneration of healthy cells – affect the conscious mind or psyche

2.2. Promoting Relaxation and Sleep

Howlite is an excellent antidote to sleepless nights and it’s amazing for calming your baby so that he or she will fall asleep. It formulates ambitions and aids in achieving them, so it may be beneficial to establish a howlite routine for naptime or bedtime. (For example, a simple technique would be to dim the lights, spend a few minutes with your baby holding a piece of howlite and sharing a story, then putting your baby in bed with the crystal under the mattress or on a nightstand by the crib). Calcite is an energy amplifier and a “mind” crystal. It helps your baby to remember and understand, so it can be great to use during a period of learning and development. After a day of busy mental activity, calcite can make it easier for your baby to wind down and achieve a restful night’s sleep.

Crystals that are specifically geared toward relaxation and sleep are a great addition to any baby’s room. They can be placed under your baby’s mattress, on a nightstand, or in a windowsill. Amethyst is a natural tranquilizer and it’s great for babies with its calming but subtle energy. It also helps to get rid of negative energy which may be embedded in your baby’s aura. Amethyst is also an aid in helping to break bad habits, so it could be a great tool later in life when your baby is trying to break a thumb-sucking or blanket-carrying habit. Rose quartz is a very loving and soothing crystal. It’s perfect for babies who may be fussy or have a mother who is having a hard time detaching and letting go of some of the overwhelming emotions that a new mother experiences. It’s very gentle and helps create a sense of personal security and a compelling inner peace.

2.3. Boosting Immune System

There are certain benefits that the crystals might contribute to the overall immune system. The energy based on stimulating the immune system is usually an increase of heat in a specific area of the body. This activity can cause an anti-inflammatory response at the local level. The main aim here is to raise the temperature of the relevant area because a higher temperature indicates that there is an increase in white blood cell activity, which is a natural immune system response to infection. This increase in temperature due to more white blood cells’ activity can sometimes result in an attack on the area from an acute inflammation response.

This is not always an ideal scenario; inflammation can cause pain, redness, and heat. If the inflammation is persistent, it can cause damage to the area. Crystals are often said to have an ionic charge or a specific ‘resonance’, and it is this that can be used to create an energy-based environment that will guide the increase in white blood cell activity in a direction that increases the strength of an area and reduces its susceptibility to infection before an inflammatory response occurs. Although there are specific crystals that can achieve this effect, it is not always easy to manage the precise creation of an energetic environment in a chosen area of the body, and this is an area of crystal therapy that would benefit from more research.

3. Safety Concerns and Precautions

If you have purchased a piece of healing jewelry or a crystal that is small and you feel may be a choking hazard, the best course of action may be to simply not use that particular item until you feel it is safe to do so. Always store crystals in a place where children cannot reach them, and if you are using a crystal with very young children, it may be best to store the crystal at all times except for when you are using it for healing. This is the same advice given by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, which states that while there is no evidence to suggest that crystal therapy presents any risk for children, it is always best to be cautious.

There is one primary concern when using any form of jewelry or stone that is meant for healing and holds metaphysical properties. The main concern is whether the product is safe for use or not. Many healing crystals specifically designed as healing jewelry come with a warning that states they are not suitable for use by children and in some cases the warning is extended to the elderly. This is the most frequently asked question: are healing crystals safe for children? The primary risk is that a crystal or small piece of jewelry can represent a choking hazard, and this is a valid concern for both children and the elderly. Ingesting a crystal can also present a risk that is not found when using the crystal for healing by any other method.

3.1. Choking Hazard

However, just because a crystal mentions that it is not suitable for children under the age of 13 does not mean it is a choking hazard. This is often listed as a disclaimer, as some crystals have specific mineral contents that are not safe for young children to ingest or have prolonged exposure to, such as lead or copper. The choking hazard with crystals is quite subjective and depends on the individual piece and age of the child.

Babies and toddlers explore objects by putting them in their mouths, and any small object could potentially be a choking hazard. If you have older children who use small crystals in their own healing work, it is especially important to keep these out of reach from the baby and to be extra vigilant about cleaning up any stray crystals. The most common crystals that are choking hazards would be any that are broken or have small sharp pieces, and also any that are in a spherical shape.

3.2. Allergic Reactions

The reason behind this is that certain crystals have metals in them or have a metal coating to give them a certain color or sheen. Metals such as nickel are very common in less expensive jewellery and are a frequent cause of allergic contact dermatitis: skin irritation or tiny skin rashes. Crystal jewellery may break and the small crystals present another choking hazard for the baby. A popular item called a “healing necklace” given to a baby to wear is often gold or silver with crystal pendants. Most babies often suck on or chew their necklace and the crystal pendants are another choking hazard and potential injury to the mouth and throat.

Baby’s skin is extremely sensitive and prone to rashes and redness, because of changing weather conditions or coming in contact with something allergic. The wearing of crystal jewellery by the mother can also have a similar effect on the baby as the baby’s skin is very thin and delicate. If you are wearing any crystal ornaments, make sure it doesn’t come in contact with the baby’s skin.

3.3. Proper Cleaning and Maintenance

Another well-liked and low-priced method is to cleanse your stones in salt water. Used as a purifier (hence why sailors used it to preserve food provisions whilst at sea), you can use any type of salt, although sea salt is most effective. Simply combine salt with water in a glass, position the stones in the solution, and leave for one to three days. After which, you should dispose of the salt water in the toilet and rinse the stones under the tap. (N.B. Some stones are fragile or contain metals and can be damaged by this function.)

The simplest and most efficient means of cleaning gems is to employ a method of smudging. This is a very old method and involves passing the stone over a candle flame (not directly in the flame) while verbalizing a helpful intention, e.g., “I ask that these stones are cleansed from all negative vibrations and released to higher levels.” Following this, you can blow out the candle and apply the glow from the wick to a few stems of sage placed in a glass or ceramic pot. Wave the crystal through the smoke. Sage is a sacred herb thought to consume negative energies, and it is readily available at all health food shops.

Irrespective of the type of gemstone you select, we have to preserve and make it comfortable and risk-free to use. The physical work of cleaning and/or energizing your stones is essential. Stones are said to be energy amplifiers, making them successful when wanting to improve their energies. (N.B. Crystals act like beeswax to a flame, i.e., they attract and hold on to negative energies/emotions, so it is vital they are cleansed every now and then. If you are working using these crystals to clear away illnesses, etc., they ought to be cleaned after each healing.)

3.4. Consulting with a Pediatrician

Consulting with a pediatrician before using crystals as a healing method on your young one is a self-assured process. Keep in mind when searching for a pediatrician, make sure you are looking for one that is open-minded. There are many medical practices out there, and some are not going to be okay with holistic healing methods. This is crucial because if you underestimate this preparation, it will only result in bringing up frustration and confusion. Graph out what you plan to bring into the session with the doctor.

It is important to be prepared when consulting with your pediatrician about using crystals to heal your baby. By bringing in information, studies, or books on the subject, this will not only help explain to the doctor that you have done your research but may also be helpful to the pediatrician to learn the small underrated facts about this type of healing. Be ready to ask many questions and take notes. If your doctor is not familiar with crystal healing and is not willing to research the topic, you may want to ask for a referral to a holistic pediatrician or another pediatrician who is open to alternative therapies. This is your child, and you have the right to seek medical treatment that you find suitable for him or her.


4. Choosing the Right Crystals for Your Baby

Crystals belonging to the quartz family are a safe choice and are beneficial to all ages. They are known as master healers and can be particularly useful to children who have not fully learned to communicate. Clear quartz crystals emit a very high vibration and can be programmed to assist in any type of healing. Rose quartz is another crystal that is safe for children. This gentle pink crystal is perfect for children of all ages and is particularly useful to infants who suffer from colic or teething pains. Placing a rose quartz crystal in a vase of water and then rubbing the water onto the infant’s gums is a natural and non-invasive remedy for teething.

Once you have decided to introduce crystals to your baby, it is important to know which crystals are safe and beneficial for your little one. It is important to keep in mind that children are especially sensitive to the energy and vibrational frequencies that crystals emit. Using the knowledge of the crystals’ mineral content, color energy, and sacred geometry will help to find the right crystal to complement your child’s energies. To be safe, it is best to wait until your child is over the age of 2 to introduce crystals. At this stage, they are most likely to be drawn to the correct crystal and will be less likely to put them in their mouths!

4.1. Safe and Gentle Crystals for Babies

Pure water cleansing is great for babies because it is generally safe for drinking, so you know it’s OK for them!

If they are using a larger crystal for healing, i.e., rose quartz for a hurt, place it out of reach and only place near the child when they are resting or sleeping. Remember to cleanse the crystals often, especially if the crystal has been used for soothing or drawing out negative energy.

Caring for your crystal baby needs a little attention to ensure they do not ingest or hurt themselves with the crystal. If it’s a crystal for them to wear or carry, check every so often that the crystal is still secure in its setting and that it has not been damaged. If the crystal gets damaged, it’s best to dispose of it and replace it with a new one.

When choosing a crystal for your baby, it is better to choose gentle energy. Therefore, the best type of crystal to be worn as jewelry in a cage, or carried in a pocket or placed under the pillow, is a tumbled stone. We recommend the larger sizes, as they are less of a choking hazard.

4.2. Crystal Shapes and Sizes

Crystal healing is a gentle and non-invasive therapy. Babies and small children are particularly responsive to the healing energy of crystals. When choosing the right crystals for your baby, it is usually a question of what we feel is right for our child at the time. Your intuition will serve you best in choosing the right crystal for your baby. However, sometimes we can let our adult logical mind get in the way of selecting the appropriate crystals. For instance, we might be drawn to choosing a crystal that is very small and leave it, saying “once it’s older”.

The only possible time that the size of a crystal matters is if your baby is a toddler still prone to putting everything in its mouth. In this case, choose a stone that is too large to be a choking hazard. For all other small babies, the best choice for very young babies are tumbled stones. Tumbled stones are like pebbles; they are small and smooth and are not expensive. They also come in many large types; therefore, it is easy to find a crystal suitable for your baby. Crystal chips are also a good choice. Crystal chips are irregularly shaped small pieces of crystal; they are very cheap and can be placed in the baby’s clothing or blanket so that it is near the baby but cannot be choked on.

4.3. Intuition and Personal Connection

Trusting your intuition will not lead you astray. Just as infants and toddlers are still part of your subconscious, they also have a natural telepathic link to you and can often influence the decisions you make for them. By using your intuition in choosing a crystal, it increases the likelihood of the child accepting the crystal and feeling the benefits from it.

Another way to use your intuition is when your baby is sleeping. Sit quietly near them and focus on the crystals you have. Ask for a particular crystal to show an image or a colour in your mind that you can link to your baby. Some parents have reported dreams showing them a specific type of crystal for their child.

Trusting your intuition can play a significant part in finding the right crystal for your child. Perhaps your baby has a favourite blanket or soft toy. When their energy is calm and content, hold the toy in one hand and the other hand hover it over the crystal choices you have, feeling for a slightly tingly or warm sensation in your hand. That is the crystal to use.


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